How Much Does an SEO Audit Cost in 2022?

How Much Does an SEO Audit Cost

Not sure how much a search engine optimization (SEO) audit should cost? This article is a go-to resource for firms exploring SEO audit pricing because it’s an all-too-common question for businesses today. With this handy guide, you’ll learn how much an SEO audit costs (spoiler: it ranges from $650 to $14,000 each audit), what it involves, and more!

Pricing for professional SEO audit services

How much does an SEO audit cost?

You should expect to pay between $650 and $14,000 for an SEO audit, depending on whether you’re a small-to-midsize business (SMB) or a large corporation. Granted, if you’re a larger firm with a larger website, your SEO audit expenses will be higher than if you’re a small business with a small website.
Several factors influence the cost of your SEO audit, including the size of your website. That’s why this guide delves into what SEO audits entail, as well as what factors impact their cost in 2022. That way, you can figure out how much an SEO audit should cost your organization.
Continue reading to learn more about the cost of an SEO audit. Alternatively, if you’re ready to get an estimate for a website audit, contact our award-winning team immediately at (617) 286-6630 or contact us online to get started!

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What is the purpose of an SEO audit?

So, what is an SEO audit and what does it entail?
Your website, like your car, requires regular maintenance. An audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your website from an SEO standpoint. When it comes to SEO, it evaluates your site’s strengths as well as its faults.

Your company receives a list of suggestions based on the audit. If you work with an SEO service like UpstairsSEO, we can put these suggestions into action for you. If you’re using an SEO audit tool for the first time, your team will need to update your website.

What Equipment Do You Need to Conduct a Site Audit?

It’s beneficial to have a corporate SEO platform or a set of SEO analytical tools on hand for enterprise sites.
If a platform can crawl your site, it can function as an all-in-one SEO audit tool, giving you the freedom to construct bespoke crawls and return insights at lightning speed, as well as pointing out content opportunities and optimizing the search experience.
You should also set up Google Search Console and analytics (such as Google Analytics) to track the impact of addressing site issues on performance. These are free SEO tools that will assist you with your site audit.
Finally, you’ll need a group of people who can demonstrate their knowledge and rank the recommendations.
You’ll probably need a developer, content writer, PR team, and other connected team members once you’ve completed the audit and identified significant takeaways.
Together, you should learn about the site’s tech stack, CMS capabilities, and the development teams’ available scope for implementing your findings.
Finally, these team members may be aware of last-mile solutions to the audit’s flaws that will have the most impact.

What’s the difference between a manual SEO audit and a software SEO audit?

While both an SEO audit and an SEO audit tool have the same purpose in mind — to evaluate your company’s SEO strategy — they work in very different ways. For most businesses, SEO audit tools, such as our free SEO checker, are sufficient for determining the general SEO health of a website page.
But what’s the difference between a free SEO audit tool and a paid SEO audit?
All you have to do is enter your URL into an SEO audit tool, and it will automatically assess a page on your website. The application then provides a report that outlines the webpage’s strengths and flaws. The majority of studies contain suggestions for boosting the SEO of your website.
A professional SEO audit, on the other hand, focuses on an in-depth, tailored examination of your entire website by a team of digital marketers with years of experience. That’s why many companies employ SEO audit tools before investing in an SEO audit.
With an SEO checker, you may get a fast report card on how well your site is performing in terms of SEO. When explaining why a professional SEO audit is required to company decision makers, that report can be useful.

What exactly does an SEO audit entail?

You’ve undoubtedly noticed some parallels and differences in what free SEO checkers and professional SEO audits include if you’ve tried them both. As a result, businesses frequently inquire, “What does an SEO audit entail?”
In the majority of circumstances, an SEO audit will include the following:

Technical audit

A technical audit evaluates your website from the aspect of technical SEO. It may entail checking your site for duplicate material or broken links that lead to 404 error pages. Technical audits are the gold standard when it comes to SEO audits.

Competitive audit

A competitive audit examines your website as well as the websites of some of your competitors. You’ll get a comparison chart or scorecard with your SEO report that illustrates the strengths and shortcomings of your website. It can show you how to make your website better than your competitors’.
Additional competitor analysis tools may be available depending on your SEO agency.
Competitor, for example, is featured on UpstairsSEO. This tool compares your website to your competitors in a variety of ways, including keywords, organic traffic, and other factors. It also offers data-driven suggestions for getting ahead of the competition.

Content audit

A content audit looks at the content on your website, which might include everything from service pages to blog articles. The optimization of your site’s pictures and title tags, as well as the keywords targeted on each webpage, are some of the elements assessed.

Link audit

A link audit examines the link profile of your website. It examines the number and quality of links that point to your website. If you’re a food firm, for example, and you published a blog post with fall-themed recipes, others who write baking, parenting, or even healthy eating blogs may have linked to it.

Social audit

A social audit examines your online presence on several social media networks. It looks at how many people share, comment on, and enjoy your material on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. This audit also looks for social sharing icons on your website, which can encourage consumers to share it.
Each firm — and even each SEO audit tool — has its own set of requirements.

Bottom Line

We may also assist you with an audit of your website in preparation for a new or improved SEO strategy. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we offer not only SEO services but also pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, voice search optimization, web design, and more.

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