Which SEO techniques are popular?

Which SEO techniques are popular?

Which SEO techniques are popular? – In the present quick moving world, SEO (search engine optimization) procedures can change on a dime—and the most noticeably awful part is, that you probably won’t know it. Hacks that could have won you a first-page result as of late as 2018 are out of date now, yet they may even damage your site’s rankings. Particularly if those alleged “hacks” land your site a Google punishment that is difficult to move. That is the reason you have to remain over the ball in SEO. If not, you’ll fall behind and see your rivals zoom past you in the SERPs. In this post, we will try to pass some popular techniques of SEO. Ready? Let’s deep down into it.

popular SEO techniques

Why need SEO?

Numerous entrepreneurs see search engine optimization (SEO) as a secret, a puzzle that just those with inside information can unravel. In all actuality, SEO is a significant piece of any promoting methodology, and it doesn’t need to be confused. SEO helps your business from various perspectives and is a fundamental device in your showcasing and effort endeavors. Everyone uses search engines even for a simple matter. So, website traffic should be increased and ranked good on google, bing or yahoo. SEO is one of the most efficient and effective sustainable ways to keep your online activities. As SEO marketers become increasingly advanced, they improve at returning genuine outcomes rather than low-quality articles loaded down with watchwords or upheld by modest backlinks. The search engines currently punish these strategies and prize substance that is genuinely upgraded for web search tools.

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Most popular SEO techniques

Numerous techniques are applied by SEO optimizers to improve website traffic and ranking to the search engines. Furthermore, search engines develop their strategy and tactics day-to-day hence the SEO optimizers are direly in need of any website. Some most common SEO techniques are- keyword searching, backlinks creation, video optimizing, quality content writing.

Improve user experience

SEO experts make the posts easy to react with shorter paragraphs. Because people want a quick solution or response. They make a review of the service/product in a short time. If the description is long and time-consuming, they make negative reviews. SEO experts make mixed sentences in any post, create sub-headers, bullet points, white spaces, and images. Images are a major part of any website. People mostly like to see pictorial view than boring paragraphs. Writing in an inverted pyramid style makes the website a good rank in google.

Voice optimization

Smartphones are available to the poorest people in the world and nowadays people search anything using voice. As a result, voice search technology is a challenging tactic for SEO optimizers. So, they use long-tail keywords, structured data in meta tags. Long-tail keywords are important for voice optimized website because any word in the stack can be picked as a keyword to search engines.

Focus on topic

Customer or audience involvement is the basic need for a business website hence, SEO optimizers need to focus on relevant topics regarding keywords. Organized content into clusters, research keywords and use them sparingly is usually followed. Some good keyword optimizers worldwide are- MOZ, SEMrush, Ahrefs.

Longer content

Some experts demoralize to write long content whereas some enhance it. In my view, longer content that consists of a 2000+ word is encouraging. However, content in the eCommerce site should be limited to short paragraphs and relevant features. Customers read short articles and make their decision to purchase a product or refer to others. SEO experts create longer content for informative sites and a gist content in eCommerce or service site. Google rank longer content site on top and a 5000+ word content obviously rank high in google or bing or yahoo.

Video optimization

Recently video optimization is auspicious sector in SEO optimization. They make some videos of products or ads with an attractive title, description and comment enable. Videos should be long enough to make a viewer stuck in the site. If the video is informative, jolly, soothing, high-resolution graphical featured; a viewer will review positively and recommend others to see it, share links to social sites. Google will measure user involvement in the video link and further, they rank the website up. SEO marketers make thumbnails of videos and create a playlist, subscribe buttons. Youtube is affiliated with all search engines and any video on youtube is ranked top in google, yahoo or bing.


SEO marketers create backlinks for blogs, authors, product pages, news sites, and forums. A backlink is an important feature for SEO optimized website. Search engines rank low-grade websites by means of appropriate backlinks.

Technical optimization

Recently it is a trend to make any website URL as HTTPs from HTTP. Because it is a more secure protocol and hard to hack or crash. SEO experts make a site mobile optimized using AMP, deep crawl, Botify, semantic markups and fix ‘page not found’ commonly known as 404 errors.

Target local searchers

Local SEO marketers target certain areas and find local shops, their opening hours, telephone numbers, addresses. Schema markup is used randomly for local landing pages.

Measure SEO performance

There are many tools online to measure local website SEO performance whether it is good looking or any other issues. Some familiar performance indicators like appealing content, page views, most viewed pages, least viewed pages. Tools like google data studio, Wayback machine are helpful to measure the performance of the website.


Upcoming 2020 has new techniques and tricks. Moreover, search engines renewing their strategy day by day. So a good SEO expert needs the expertise on BERT & user-focused optimization, high-quality content, technical SEO, mobile SEO, structured data forming & link building, visibility not blue links. Website design is a vital part of SEO so CMS websites should be more emphasized and responsive. Following the trend and track, any website can be good in google rank. Competitors are rising in this sector so popular SEO techniques are an acute need for people.

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